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2008 Profit & Loss Account

Here is the Profit & Loss Account for the year ended December 31, 2008.

Profit & Loss Account

Cost of Sales(24,360,549)(22,577,945)
Gross Profit13,016,94311,412,903
Distribution costs(1,691,960)(1,484,367)
Administrative expenses(6,852,687)(7,375,743)
Operating profit4,472,2962,552,793
Finance costs(327,447)(539,645)
Profit before income tax4,144,8492,013,148
Income tax expense(1,548,316)(716,615)
Profit after tax and extraordinary item2,596,533


Extraordinary item (net of tax)-(219,037)
Profit after tax and extraordinary item2,596,5331,077,496

Earnings per share(Naira),

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