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Better bacon: the science behind the sizzle


Thanks to revolutionary food tech, The Vegetarian Butcher’s new plant-based rashers dish up a true no-bacon bacon taste sensation that cooks and looks like the original. We take a look at what makes NoBacon 2.0 a game-changer.

Top view of sandwich placed on a plate with a pan of bacon on the side.

When it comes to bacon, expectations run high.

The perfect rasher should deliver not only a balanced hit of smoky, salty flavours but also a crispy texture that is neither dry nor chewy.

Delivering these high standards is difficult enough with traditional animal-based meat. However, The Vegetarian Butcher’s new hack has cracked it with a 100% plant-based recipe that comes closer than ever to a like-for-like bacon experience, thanks to new plant protein technology.

Perfecting texture and taste

Like the original NoBacon bacon, this new version is made from soya and wheat protein with no artificial colours or preservatives.

However, it is plant oils that really make The Vegetarian Butcher’s latest bacon innovation such an authentic experience.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Friendly fat

    The issue: In traditional bacon, fat is rendered during cooking, allowing the meat to be cooked in it. Previously, The Vegetarian Butcher plant-based bacon did not release any oils during cooking and therefore had to be prepared with added fat.

    The solution: Thanks to recently developed patented food technology, the newly added oil droplets in the NoBacon increases fat release to 20 times that of previous versions, which means it can be fried without any additional fat. The result is a crispy rasher and appetising smell.

  2. Tender texture

    The issue: A common problem with plant-based products is the texture, which is often described as chewy or dry.

    The solution: Thanks to the new fat tissue technology, made from a careful combination of plant-based ingredients, the new NoBacon strips can be separated easily when raw, and crisp up better when cooked.

  3. Translucency

    The issue: The Vegetarian Butcher's original plant-based bacon did not react to heat like traditional animal-based meat, which in turn affected the consumer cooking experience.

    The solution: The Vegetarian Butcher’s new fat tissue technology uses a careful selection of plant-based ingredients that make the rashers’ ‘fat’ becomes translucent while cooking, just like their animal meat counterparts.

    Image of scrambled eggs with The Vegetarian Butcher NoBacon, beans and tomatoes, toast and mushrooms

A healthier recipe for the planet

But the benefits of NoBacon go well beyond the frying pan. It is also delivering a significant win for Unilever’s commitment to providing food that is good for the planet.

"Releasing all animals from the food chain is not just good news for animals, it’s also great news for our planet," says Hugo Verkuil, CEO of The Vegetarian Butcher.

“Taking animals out of the equation makes the food system more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Instead of feeding legumes to animals and making meat out of these living creatures, The Vegetarian Butcher makes plant-based meat directly from legumes,” he explains.

And there is more good news. By reducing the amount of soy that is otherwise used for animal feed, plant-based meat like that produced by The Vegetarian Butcher significantly reduces the pressure on ecosystems, enabling more people to get the nutrition they need.

"Our plant-based bacon’s taste and texture is fantastic, so it truly is a win-win-win", says Hugo.

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