Taking Capability Building to the Foundation

Employees develop the future generation to compete favourably

Unilever Nigeria employees are taking the Enhancing Livelihoods pillar of its Sustainable Living Plan very seriously, as between March and May 2012, about fifty colleagues enrolled as volunteer teachers under the company’s ‘Unilever Connect’ Initiative.

Unilever Connect

In July 2011, the Company launched ‘Unilever Connect’ – a Social Responsibility initiative aimed at getting Unilever Nigeria employees involved in the Company’s community/charity investments.

The first investment under the Initiative was the renovation of the playground, school field, canteen and a block of classrooms at Olusosun Primary School, Oregun – a Lagos State-owned primary school, with dilapidated facilities, not too far from Unilever Nigeria’s Head Office. The renovated facilities were handed over to the school’s administrators in October 2011.

The Volunteer Programme

To drive deeper, more impactful investments in the renovated school, Unilever Nigeria then kicked off the volunteer programme in collaboration with the Olusosun Primary School’s leadership.

Through the programme, Unilever Nigeria employees teach English Language, Mathematics and Computer education to students on a weekly basis.

“Unilever Nigeria has always been known as a developer of people, and that is why we are very proud to extend this practice to the foundation of Nigerian education,” noted Corporate Relations Manager, Yemi Adeboye at the first school assembly attended by the volunteers.

“Through the volunteer programme, we will be able to assist teachers in providing good quality education to better prepare students for the future,” he added.

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