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Unilever Ghana PLC presents Facts Behind The Figures to the Ghana Stock Exchange


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Unilever Ghana PLC has taken its turn at the 'Facts Behind The Figures' forum, organized by the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) for listed companies.

A Group of Unilever Leadership Team sitting in front of a banner

The Managing Director of Unilever Ghana PLC, Chris Wulff-Caesar, said the company's revenue increased to GhC 908m in 2023, up from the GhC632m recorded in 2022. This represented a 44 percent increase in revenue over the period. The company ended the year having recorded a profit of GhC141m, up from the Ghc15m recorded in 2022, and a positive cash and cash equivalent position of GhC109m compared with the deficit of GHC59m recorded in 2022.

The improved turnover in 2023 was largely a result of continued investment in coverage, innovations and a strong focus on driving volume recovery and enhancing profitability. The company sustained its investments in the building of the equity of its core brands, including its heritage brands, Key Soap, Pepsodent and Geisha among others.

Managing Director of Unilever Ghana PLC, Chris Wulff-Caesar, said the company deployed its sustainability projects mainly in support of the collection and recycling of plastic waste. Working through the Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE), more advocacy on the development of a viable plastic economy was done.

Unilever Ghana PLC sustained investment in its livelihood empowerment project in the Upper West region and commenced work to extend the project to other regions of the country. Many more schools benefitted from the teaching of Oral and Personal hygiene habits in schools and communities across the country, while product donations were made to various organizations to help improve the health and hygiene status of the beneficiaries.

Chris Wulff-Caesar remains upbeat about the company's commitment towards its purpose of 'Making Sustainable Living Commonplace'.

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